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The client view

“Belinda has been trusted partner to Ogilvy for almost ten years. She is an intuitive and skilled coach, and has been an invaluable outplacement partner. Her knowledge and understanding of the communications industry enable her to provide services that add enormous value.”
Jenny McGregor

“Belinda has been my life and career coach on and off for the last six years, and I have found working with her to be valuable beyond measure. Belinda represents the combination of a wealth of experience and knowledge, profound insight, drive, passion and sensitivity.

Through working with Belinda I’ve achieved much greater focus in my life and career, created more work opportunities and thrived in those opportunities I’ve taken. I would actively encourage anybody looking for a life coach or a career coach to work with Belinda if they can and I recommend her without reservation.”
David Meikle

“I first visited Occam HR in 2001 and found their service enormously helpful. They offered clarity and vision and helped me to a imagine a different future from the one I thought I was stuck with. I've been in contact with them several times over the last ten years and always found their advice useful. So much so that I have happily recommended them to friends and colleagues and will continue to tell others about a calm, efficient service that delivers a happy outcome.”
Fiona Pickett

“I have worked with Belinda for over 10 years and she has been a truly inspirational mentor. Throughout my career I have turned to her for guidance and support. Her caring and professional approach to developing careers and helping coach individuals is second to none. I consider her a personal friend as well as a fantastic coach.”
Ian Kenny

“I have recommended Occam HR to many people who are considering their career futures, and with good reason. My own experience was nothing short of revolutionary. Belinda, in her unhurried and unassuming fashion, somehow managed to get under my defences and question why I wasn't doing what I REALLY wanted to do. She took every obstacle I raised and helped me dismantle it into manageable chunks, with the result that my work-life changed for the happier in a surprisingly short space of time. If you are struggling with indecision about work, however vague, I would really recommend Occam.”
Roisin Robothan-Jones

“Belinda gave me the confidence needed to cross a vast chasm - leaving employment and creating a new agency, and a new life. Without the perceptiveness and, yes, care she brought, it simply wouldn't have happened. Since then, as part of our own team, she's made a tremendous difference to how can't-see-wood-for-trees clients understand and develop their culture, enabling consistency with their external brand propositions. Very large companies can be very sick. Dr B cures them.”
Ian Storey

“In 2000, Belinda took me out of my comfort zone by pushing me to learn all about the internet. It changed my life! I found a job on a leading fashion website became the editor and publisher before beginning a successful career in freelance journalism. Without Belinda and her tough talking I never would have gone from working in advertising to becoming a journalist.”
Daralyn Danns

“I have had a close relationship with Belinda since 2001 and she has been an outstanding advisor, mentor and coach in my winding and ever-changing career. She has an ability to cut through the trivial and help me see what's important, and to guide my decision making process while leaving me firmly in control of those decisions. Thank you Belinda.”
Sam Roberts
Cambodian Rural Development Team (CRDT) through a placement with Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)

“On leaving a job after 7 years, Belinda was recommended as a consultant who would be able to offer advice, guidance and expertise in seeking a new direction. I found her to be hugely supportive, intuitive and a great help during a stressful time. She has continued over the years to provide advice and has, I would like to think, become a friend. I have always been happy to recommend her to others, including my brother who found her services invaluable too.”
Claire Fennelow
Reed Learning

“I was unsure of what benefit I’d get out of the whole experience. What I was sure about that I wasn’t happy what I was doing and I was fed up moaning about it and the lack of confidence this brought with it! Working with Belinda was very beneficial from the off. The real skill was listening to me and from that being able to ask the right questions and then steer discussions down a particular route. Not an easy thing to do as most coaches love the sound of their own voice. Every week I had projects to deliver by the following week (important point – these were projects I decided on based on our discussion as opposed to being told them). Once the final objective had been set I found that week by week I was getting nearer to my goal. Based on how and what I was saying Belinda asked if I’d ever thought about setting up my own business. I laughed as it wasn’t on the radar nor was it something I was capable of. A year later I’ve set up my own business and as of July 2011 I’ve got cashflow until March 2013 and have never been happier. The weeks fly by and I can’t wait for Mondays, I never thought that would happen. I owe so much to Belinda for steering me in the right direction and giving me the tools to decide and achieve my objectives. If you’re unsure of where you want to be, or need help with getting to the next stage of your career I’d highly recommend working with Belinda.”
Jackson Clark
Patch Media

“Belinda was a great help to me years ago when I was changing career direction. Her positivity and optimism allowed me to overcome the psychological barriers that were preventing me from moving forward. Through a mixture of rare intuition and ingenious methods she was able to help me unlock the door to my full potential. Her skills must be in high demand in these changing times. Thanks, Belinda.”
Sarah Moller

“Belinda took me (a professional writer and singer-songwriter) under her wing when I knocked rather tentatively on the door to make initial contact. Immediately I was invited in for a cup of tea and Belinda spent an unscheduled and attentive hour listening to and assessing my professional life history, arriving very astutely (and amusingly for being spot-on) at the conclusion that if I am to make money as a 'creative', I should be prepared to compromise. In that short time, I felt held by an enormous heart as well as an incisive mind and so have already - naturally and acceptingly - begun to make practical changes in my life based on Belinda's advice. We are all still, at some level, the children we once were and at times in our adult lives, become vulnerably needy of a maternal kind of wisdom. Thank you, Belinda, for yours.”
Vicky Kimm

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