Planning a return to work after maternity leave can be a challenge for mothers as employees, and for employers. It can also be tricky for fathers taking paternity leave.

Even if you are just considering more flexible or part-time working, the problem can often be the same:

It could be handled better.

And don’t forget: employment law in relation to flexible working changed in July 2014, so whether you’re an employee or an employer, you need to know where you stand.

That’s why Occam HR parental leave & flexible working coaching can be invaluable. We’ve helped companies and individuals succeed in this area for several years.

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Meanwhile, as a parent, you may find the Working Families website helpful.

Some questions


“How do I make my job safe?”
‘Flexible working: what are my rights?”
“What are my options for childcare, and how do I make that work with my job?”


How far do we have to compromise?”
“How much flexibility must we offer?”
“How can we best manage agile working?”

Key benefits

Getting parental leave and flexible working right – and addressing concerns early – can produce the most positive results for all parties.

As an employee, you’ll keep your career moving and be better able to balance work and home life. Mother, father, older worker, we can help.

As an employer, you’ll find it easier to manage teams. Increase engagement and retain the skills of people who want to work flexibly. Indeed, business leaders say that ‘agility in staff hours … can cut workforce costs by as much as 13%’ (Agile Future Forum).

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