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Parental leave & flexible working coaching: now even more critical

Concerned about returning to work after a maternity break? Want to be clear about paternity leave? Looking to work part time or from home?

Employees and employers need to get parental leave and flexibility right, and as early as possible, because the law changed in July 2014.

Occam HR parental leave and flexible working coaching can help you understand each other’s priorities to realise the best outcome for everyone. Find out more

Special promotion: free ‘career healthcheck’ when you refer a friend

Every now and again it’s a good idea to evaluate your career.

Our career healthcheck will give you the opportunity to pick up where we left off, assess whether you’re on track and ensure that your goals are still within reach.

To qualify, you simply need to refer a friend to us, have worked with Occam HR and taken advantage of our services.

To learn more, get in contact.

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Occam HR is a London-based consultancy that helps businesses and organisations manage change, both at the ‘macro’ and the individual, personal level.

We focus on communications in the creative world where talent is frequently a company’s main asset. And that’s where our difference lies: we offer a unique combination of HR expertise and marketing experience.

Photographs by Kevin Whitlock