Occam HR can help recent or soon-to-be graduates embark on the right career. In particular, we know four vital things about graduate careers and recruitment:

  1. It’s hard to get started
  2. It can be very hard if you’re an arts graduate – even with a good degree
  3. Graduates’ parents really want to be involved
  4. While there’s plenty of recruitment support for graduates, there’s nothing for parents

At Occam HR, we aim to fill that gap. Our experience shows that the solution is to support you both confidentially, even if you’ve very different views.

Most importantly, we can help you decide on a career and work with you to the gain skills and confidence you need.

Our co-founder, Belinda Kent-Lemon, has been coaching senior executives in advertising and marketing sector for over 15 years. Almost every month friends, family and clients have approached her to see their (usually new graduate) offspring and point them along the right career path.

This is some of her most rewarding work as there is often a quick and rewarding result. Correcting a few misconceptions, helping the ‘client’ find some direction or understand what a CV and covering letter are trying to achieve can make all the difference.

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