Occam HR can help recent or soon-to-be graduates embark on the right career. In particular, we know four vital things about graduate careers and recruitment:

  1. It’s hard to get started
  2. It can be very hard if you’re an arts graduate – even with a good degree
  3. Graduates’ parents really want to be involved
  4. While there’s plenty of recruitment support for graduates, there’s nothing for parents

At Occam HR, we aim to fill that gap. Our experience shows that the solution is to support you both confidentially, even if you’ve very different views.

Most importantly, we can help you decide on a career and work with you to the gain skills and confidence you need.

For parents we provide initial advice by phone or e-mail to help assess whether we’re right for you. This is free for 15 minutes and thereafter at an agreed hourly rate for on-going support.

For graduates we offer services on several levels, depending on how certain you are about your career choice.

Level 1


We’ll edit your CV to maximise the chance of getting an interview. Before that we’ll provide guidance to help you write a CV to match a particular job or specification.

We’ll prepare you for interview. Online or by phone, our interview advice helps focus on the first critical two minutes when interviewers make up their mind; we’ll show how to hold onto this advantage for the rest of the interview.

Level 2


Career and interview guidance. A two-hour face-to-face meeting will establish the jobs that are most likely to make you happy and what is needed to achieve this. We’ll review each first interview you have so that you can take forward lessons learned to the next one.

Like Level 1, this service includes:

  • CV assistance
  • Interview preparation

Level 3


All the support to kick-start your career search. You’ll begin with a two-hour hour face-to-face meeting to establish the jobs or roles you are most likely to enjoy and be happy doing.

With unlimited support for a month, the service includes:

  • Weekly progress meetings
  • CV guidance and editing
  • Interview assistance
  • Psychometric assessment

Level 4


Complete support until you accept a job. For most new graduates, the cost would be £3,000; we’ll confirm this after the first meeting according to individual circumstances and employability in your chosen career.

Useful links

On this site: CV guidelines
News on job prospects
External: Fastcodesign: How to redesign your resume for a recruiter’s 6-second attention span
Forbes: 10 things you need to do while you’re unemployed
inc.com: 5 questions great job candidates ask

Further help

We can advise on other important aspects of graduate recruitment. Just ask.

  • Networking
  • Links to free online psychometric tests
  • Managing recruiters
  • Negotiating a living wage or better
  • Appearance and developing a positive attitude
  • Managing stress
  • Managing ‘pushy’ parents
  • Managing unemployed adult offspring