Talent management

You’ll maximise your talent with Occam HR. We’ll help you motivate and develop your ‘stars’ (the top 10%), to ensure they stay with you, stretch the potential of the middle 80% and address the issues of the remaining 10%. We offer a variety of ways to do this:

Career clinics, for example, are an effective means to retain people. One application of these is to allow employees to see how they fit into organisational change and take responsibility for their own careers. They’re very popular. Workshop

Motivational workshops, too, are highly effective and can combine coaching, mentoring and training to achieve specific objectives.

Stress management is increasingly important in most organisations. We run seminars to help staff understand the sources of their stress and take responsibility for the things they can change whilst giving them tactics to address those they can’t. These can be followed up with one-to-one coaching.

In addition, of course, we can help with talent release – from exit interviews and retirement to redundancy and dismissals.